Divorce Lawyer in Pune

In numerous occasion i get question how to find divorce lawyer in my city for my relatives . So i advise following steps shortlisting , evaluation and appointment.

Shortlisting a Lawyer

  • check it online , or through references
  • Please check all the reviews
  • Generally prefer Lady lawyers

So i can say this is first step of shortlisting some one. After shortlisting comes stage of evaluating person and appointing them .

How to evaluate lawyer ?

And as per my suggestion you should call the shortlisted person to fix the consulting appointment. Before handing over the case to lawyer always have consulting session with him or her. . Do not hide anything . Judge the lawyer. Spending consulting fess would be recommended rather than appointing wrong lawyer. Also ask lawyer what should her strategy would be if you appoint them.

Steps before appointing lawyer

Always ask what would be fees for various stage ? What will be per session appearance fess ? Its always preferable to get clear answer to overall fees by various stages. Rather than to see at later time .

This all steps should be done in other cities as well.