Mutual Consent Divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce is situation where both Husband and Wife both agree to separate. Both also agree on all terms and condition.

What the law says:

Criteria for applying petition for mutual consent divorce

  • Husband and the wife must be living separately with minimum 1 year
  • Both should agree on terms and condition for the mutual consent divorce agreement

Duration for Mutual Consent Divorce

Generally it takes 6 months to get Divorce if above all conditions are fulfilled .But in certain cases this period shorted with the permission from honorable court

Agreement for Mutual Consent Divorce

Both Parties should agree on various conditions such as Financial Asset Separation, Child Custody , Alimony and all other issues

Draft of Mutual Consent Divorce

Draft is Legal Document which contains all the points for Mutual Divorce , such as Terms and Conditions and other Legal Factors . Each case in Unique so draft for each of them is crafted with careful discussion with both of the parties. This Draft is submitted in Honorable court at the time of filling and has valid evidence in Future .

Our Experience in Mutual Consent Divorce

Having dealt with an array of clients and proceedings, we hold a vast understanding of these problems and the stigma that it is accompanied with. We are specialized in matters related to Mutual divorce and have a good experience and practice of dealing in the following matters:

  • Divorce by mutual consent/Uncontested Divorce in India
  • Procedures and proceedings that are related to the divorce by mutual content
  • Legal knowledge of the family laws in India
  • Child Custody Discussion
  • Alimony Calculation , Discussion and Settlement
  • Future Expenses for Children Education